• A modeling contract with NEXT Model Management
  • A spread and cover on GLAMOUR
  • A $20,000 cash prize
  • A Skoda Yeti Green Line


Contestant Previous Rank All-Star Rank
Taylor Henley 14th 10th
April Harvey 11th/12th 9th
Madeline Cowe 9th 8th
Rhiannon Bradshaw 13th 7th
Shannon Richardson 7th 6th
Nyadak "Duckie" Thot 3rd 5th
Dajana Bogojevic 5th/6th 4th
Taylah Roberts 10th 3rd
Shanali Martin Runner-Up Runner-Up
Abbie Weir 4th Winner

Call-Out OrderEdit

Jennifer's Call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 DuckieShanaliShanaliTaylahDajanaAbbieAbbieShanaliAbbie
2 AbbieTaylahTaylahDajanaShanaliTaylahShanaliAbbieShanali
3 MadelineDuckieDajanaShanaliTaylahShanaliTaylahTaylah
4 ShanaliRhiannonRhiannonAbbieDuckieDajanaDajana
5 DajanaDajanaAbbieShannonAbbieDuckie
6 TaylahShannonDuckieDuckieShannon
7 ShannonMadelineShannonRhiannon
8 RhiannonAbbieMadeline
9 April April
10 Taylor


Episode 1Edit

  • First Call-Out: Duckie Thot
  • Bottom Two: April Harvey & Taylor Henley
  • Eliminated: Taylor Henley
  • Special Guests: Giorgio Armani

Episode 2Edit

  • First Call-Out: Shanali Martin
  • Bottom Two: Abbie Weir & April Harvey
  • Eliminated: April Harvey
  • Special Guests: Franca Sozzani

Episode 3Edit

  • First Call-Out: Shanali Martin
  • Bottom Two: Madeline Cowe & Shannon Richardson
  • Eliminated: Madeline Cowe
  • Special Guests: Alek Wek

Episode 4Edit

  • First Call-Out: Taylah Roberts
  • Bottom Two: Duckie Thot & Rhiannon Bradshaw
  • Eliminated: Rhiannon Bradshaw
  • Special Guests: Georgina Chapman

Episode 5Edit

  • First Call-Out: Dajana Bogojevic
  • Bottom Two: Abbie Weir & Shannon Richardson
  • Eliminated: Shannon Richardson
  • Special Guests: Zac Posen

Episode 6Edit

  • First Call-Out: Abbie Weir
  • Bottom Two: Dajana Bogojevic & Duckie Thot
  • Eliminated: Duckie Thot
  • Special Guests: Roberto Cavalli

Episode 7Edit

  • First Call-Out: Abbie Weir
  • Bottom Two: Dajana Bogojevic & Taylah Roberts
  • Eliminated: Dajana Bogojevic
  • Special Guests: Jil Sander

Episode 8Edit

  • First Call-Out: Shanali Martin
  • Bottom Two: Abbie Weir & Taylah Roberts
  • Eliminated: Taylah Roberts
  • Final Two: Abbie Weir & Shanali Martin
  • Australia's Next Top Model: Abbie Weir